Machknit vine

Finally, I have made some progress with the knitting machine! Before I show any finished products, here’s a couple of little Vines of the machine working (working beautifully). Mouseover and click the volume icon to turn on the sound  (whizz, whizz, random comment, whizz whizz)…

“Umm, actually yeah, that’s a good point…”

(Thank you R, for the cinematography)


2 Responses to “Machknit vine”

  1. Elle Says:

    I am curious as to why you felt the need to clean the drum. Apart from being an old machine, was there another reason?

  2. kate Says:

    Hi Elle,

    The drums were completely gummed up – they wouldn’t spin, so it was extremely hard (almost impossible) to move the carriage across the bed… couldn’t knit with it like that!


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